8 Up & Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #1

Posted by Jamie Richards

On October 22, 2019
Zyon Amon - 8 Up and Coming Artists on Fire Series
Hey, all you Hip Hop fans! I decided to do a series of posts on the 8 up and coming Hip Hop artists that are new but making a scene. I plan on writing one each Wednesday night until the series is done. It’s really cool because I’m learning a lot about hip hop in researching these artists. Not to mention, I’ve added a lot of new music to my Spotify playlist! That’s a HUGE bonus. I’m always looking for new music. So if you’re always looking for new music too, then this series is just for you. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.

#1 Hip Hop Artist On Fire – Zyon Iman

Our first “Up and Coming Artist On Fire” is Zyon Iman. What a great name! Easy to remember, short, and cool. He’s got a lot more going for him than just his name though. His music is awesome, in my opinion, and I can easily hear him on some radio playlists.

Iman is from Arlington, TX, but was born and raised in Milwaukee. He is relatively unknown among the scene within Deep Ellum as well as the local media. But still, the baby-faced 21-year-old emcee has the ability to create fans and has enough depth to earn the respect of hip-hop lovers of any age. He has new music and visuals on the way early this year, which will only increase his name recognition.

Iman’s music is catchy and easy to listen to. He’s definitely building a big following because of that. He’s all over the Internet. At least his music is, which is the most important factor for any up and coming artist in the industry.

Again, if you like hip hop music, I highly recommend you diving into Zyon’s material. Give him a chance because he’ll grow on you. I really like the song Ascension.  The video for it is really very well done. Below you’ll find links to this video, music and social media profiles.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a new artist to keep your eyes on, watch closely. Because Zyon Iman is on FIRE!!

Iman’s Video and Music

Ascension video: https://youtu.be/_qBFnclD880


Iman’s Social Media profiles:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first post. I’m excited to learn about new music as well. As I wrote early, Zyon Iman’s definitely landed on my Spotify list!

Watch out for more posts from the series, “8 Up And Coming Artists On Fire” each Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and CHEERS!

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Jamie Richards

Jamie has been in music since he was three years old. He began playing the piano by ear and by 11 he was writing his own music. As he got older he picked up other instruments and at around 16 found his passion for sequencing music on the computer. He's been in countless bands and written over 100 songs. His music is featured on this website. You can listen to his stuff before you buy it. Now he's found a love for researching and writing for this blog. Jamie is a proud father of three plus two grandsons, Elijah and Isaiah.

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