8 Up & Coming Hip Hop Artists – #3 Rexx Life Raj

Posted by Jamie Richards

On November 7, 2019


Well, I missed my Wednesday post for this series but I hope this one makes up for it. We’re checking out Rexx Life Rajj a rapper from Cali. His music is awesome and his videos are good too. (Check out Rexx’s YouTube channel) This rapper doesn’t raps about family, life, and love. He’s a dedicated father and loves his family above his career, according to those that are around him. This Hip Hop artist is definitely on FIRE!

Artist #3: Rexx Life Raj

Faraji Wright (born January 30, 1990 [2] ) is better known by Rexx Life Raj. He is an American hip hop recording artist from Berkeley, California. He has been performing since 2014.

Early Years

Wright has always had a love for music. His mother was very active in the church and fostered that love through gospel music, while he learned a strong work ethic and black pride from his father who was active in the black panther party. [7] At age six, he grew more interested in rap music, but his parents urged him to focus on athletics and academics. was a standout offensive lineman in high school. On January 10, 2008, he committed to Boise State University on a football scholarship.

College Years

This self-proclaimed “Berkeley superhero” has a lot going for him than just having a good time. The former offensive lineman has already written several songs about family and love, and also found the time to update “Sprinkle Me” with E-Fizzle himself. With all that behind him, the chance of Raj following in the footsteps of his beloved Golden State Warriors and creating an empire of his own seems pretty likely indeed.

Professional Years

Admitting that he never aspired to go to the NLF, [7] Wright chose to pursue music rather than a career as a professional athlete. While he was working on new music, Wright paid bills by working as a delivery driver for his parents’ delivery company.

Raj Life Rexx Now

He still works for his parents when he can. But now, when he’s home from tour — or from press runs in New York — he helps out his parents for free.

“Luckily, now I’m in a position where music pays me enough where I don’t have to have them pay me,” Wright said. “I can work just for working, save them money for whatever they need.”

Few Facts about Raj

BIRTHDAY: January 30, 1990
HOMETOWN: Berkeley, California
HIGH SCHOOL: Berkeley High School, CA
COLLEGE: Boise State University

Raj’s Releases

  • Father Figure 2: Flourish
  • Father Figure


  • Put On (2014)
  • Moxie Java (with Nef the Pharoah) (2016)
  • Shit n’ Floss (2016)
  • Handheld GPS (2016)
  • Devin’s Song (2017)
  • Waiting for You (with Russ) (2017)
  • Radio (2017)


  • Hidden Clouds (2014)
  • Portraits (with Tele Fresco) (2014)
  • Rexx Life Raj & Kyral Musik – Dreamland: Telegraph Ave.
    The Escape (2015)
  • Emoji Goats (with YMTK) (2017)

Rexx’s Websites & Social Media

His website: https://www.rexxliferaj.com/
Spotify Channel: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rDXcEIODl8TgGTgrntnjX
Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/rexxliferaj/sets
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSzPYptsAM_0E3npbWWW5Q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RexxLifeRaj/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RexxLifeRaj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rexxliferaj


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Jamie has been in music since he was three years old. He began playing the piano by ear and by 11 he was writing his own music. As he got older he picked up other instruments and at around 16 found his passion for sequencing music on the computer. He's been in countless bands and written over 100 songs. His music is featured on this website. You can listen to his stuff before you buy it. Now he's found a love for researching and writing for this blog. Jamie is a proud father of three plus two grandsons, Elijah and Isaiah.

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