8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #2

Posted by Jamie Richards

On November 3, 2019

A slick-tongued Oakland rhymer with an incredible eye for detail and a wicked sense of humor, ALLBLACK made major moves over the last 12 months. He dropped Outcalls, which featured a who’s who of rising West Coast rappers, as well as 2 Minute Drills, a roller-coaster ride of an EP with Kenny Beats. Throughout the latter EP, BLACK rides bass-heavy, uptempo instrumentals from one of 2018’s biggest producers and offers a look at life in Oakland that’s so visceral, you feel like you’re prowling the streets right next to him. His flows are always fresh and engaging, and he also happens to be a slang connoisseur, carrying on the Bay’s history of shaping the rap lexicon—Grant Rindner

ALLBLACK raps about the ins and outs of “pimping,” i.e. sex pandering [procuring another person for the purpose of prostitution], often naming the names and streets that his hustle revolves around. “At 15 was on the blade, should’ve been up in class / I’m a scum son of a bitch, trade pussy for cash,” he raps on “Canadian Goose.” The song, KimSon’s biggest single, features 808 cowbells and a booming beat that conjure the muscle memory of hyphy. Though the project pushed his music career forward, he isn’t eager to praise it. “KimSon was not cool to me,” he told me, speaking softly enough for me to catch the clink of his gold grills. “That was probably the deepest part of my diary to me. It wasn’t okay. You listen to the songs, and you didn’t know me, you’d be like, ‘Ooh, he about to go kill himself. Who let him in the studio?’” He has a point. Though the EP features an array of sonic touchpoints, stretching from boastful West Coast thumps to an unhurried Southern pace, his confessional lyrics are markedly paranoid and remorseful.


In an interview with thefader.com, the interviewer said, “In an interview about KimSon, you said your mom is different and you’re different. What do you mean by that?”

To me, different is a sugar-coated word for weird to the world. I was always called weird. “He’s weird,” “Why he act like that?” “Why he move like that?” “Why is his favorite color yellow? Men don’t like yellow.” Things like that. I had big brothers and cousins but I was always my own man. I always stood out, but I never understood it. So when my family see me do things, they’d think I was just being funny. Or me being D. Dusty being Dusty.

Quick Facts and Info on ALLBLACK:

(taken from edailybuzz.com)

Birth Day21st March, 1992
Age27 years
Birth SignAries
CountryUnited States of America
AddressOakland, California
Marital StatusNot married
Social MediaTwitter, IG
HeightUnder Review
Real NameNot known
Net Worth90 K

Listen to some of ALLBLACK’S music:

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