8 Up & Coming Hip Hop Artists That Are On Fire #7 Roddy Ricch

Posted by Jamie Richards

On December 6, 2019

Roddy Ricch Is Here

Roddy Ricch was born, Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr., on October 22nd, 1998. He’s a rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter. Currently, he’s signed to Atlantic Records and tearing it up! This is why Roddy is our list of “8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists on Fire”. Read on to find out why.

Ricch’s Professional Career

In late 2017 Ricch released his first mixtape, “Feed Tha Streets”. It features bangers like “Hoodricch,” and “Fucc It Up.” That mixtape got a lot of attention from the Hip Hop world including artists such as Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, and 03 Greedo. In early 2018 he released his first EP entitled “Be 4 Tha Fame”. Later that same year, Ricch released the London on da Track-produced single, “Die, Young”. In August of that year, he released the single “Ricch Forever”, produced by DJ Bugsy.

In October of 2018, Meek Mills himself brought Ricch as his guest at a concert in Philadelphia called PowerHouse. On November 2nd, 2018, Ricch released his second mixtape, Feed Tha Streets II. This album peaked at number 67 on Billboard 200 chart and number 36 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart!

There’s a simple explanation for Roddy Ricch’s momentum entering 2019: He’s an exceptionally gifted and charismatic songwriter. The Compton artist, who acknowledges late South Carolina rapper Speaker Knockerz as a formative influence, has unlocked his idol’s rare ability to balance meaningful, storytelling lyricism with an endless arsenal of catchy melodies. Ricch’s ascent accelerated after the release last July of “Die Young,” a London On Da Track-produced single written in reaction to the murder of XXXTENTACION and in tribute to the lives of X, Lil Snupe, and Speaker Knockerz. As “Die Young” climbed into public consciousness in late 2018, Ricch unleashed an onslaught of quality music and high-profile looks, including his well-received Feed Tha Streets II project, a feature on Meek Mill’s Championships album, and a single with masked EDM star Marshmello. With a fan base that’s growing by the second and a rapid output of streaming hits, Roddy Ricch is set up well for a massive year in 2019. — Arjun Grover” Taken from the Complex’s 20 Rappers To Watch In 2019


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Here’s Ricch’s video Big Stepper:

More About Ricch

Something that not many people know about Ricch, other than his closest friends and of course family, is that fact he loves his cartoons. He loosens up to Family Guy when he’s recording in the studio and In an interview with Billboard, Ricch shows his true self. Here’s one of the questions Ricch was asked and his answer back.

Billboard: You have a track on the album called “Forbes” where you admit to struggling with your move from Compton to The Hills. How’s that transition been?

Ricch: I’ve been moving around a lot, so I haven’t really had time to settle, but it’s a little different. Like when I walk outside and ain’t nobody looking at me crazy or bothering me. It’s like people walking their dogs and s–t [Laughs.] It’s crazy, but I just try to keep it all in. I still go back to where I’m from and stay connected with my people and s–t. That’s how I got here, basically being the voice of the streets. So I still battle s–t every day, even if it’s not so much monetary. I go back home and still connect with people who still are going through what I was going through. That’s how I just keep moving. I just appreciate everything.


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This is Ricch’s video Down Below:

Ricch’s Got Traction

It’s obvious Ricch’s got some good traction in his career and that he’s going nowhere but UP. Even other Hip-Hop artists agree and that’s why he’s on this list of the “8 Up And Coming Hip Hop Artists That Are On Fire!”. Ricch’s definitely burning hot and like the other artists, we’ve featured that are “on fire”, Blueface, Mulatto or YNW Melly, Ricch’s career has endless possibilities. And I believe all these artists we’ve featured in this series will be HUGE in the Hip-Hop music industry as time moves on. And it’s because they stand out from the pack. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have good timing and a bit of luck too!

Ricch’s career is just good and it just keeps on getting better. And he keeps on pumping out the hits so I would expect you’ll hear a lot more of him. Even more, than we have been. I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop music and I’ve listened to several of Ricch’s songs, and I have to admit, they are really awesome. Great lyrics and flow. And the production level of his music is off the chain! Personally, I think it’s because he’s a producer as well as an artist so he knows exactly what he wants. I bet all Hip-Hop artists wish they had that gift. Trust me, you’ll be seeing Roddy Ricch’s name in lights before too long. Cause he’s on FIRE!

Ricch’s Music

Spotify channel:


Ricch’s Social Media


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