A Covid 19 Message

Here’s a quick message from Jamie Richards, Owner and Senior Producer of Jamo Records.

Hello Family, Friends, and Faithful Listeners of Jamo Records,

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I’ve been re-evaluating a whole lot of things in my life including the business ventures I’m in. I specifically thought a lot about Jamo Records and the way I model this competitive business of writing music. After it was all said and done with my thoughts, I decided to make some drastic changes to Jamo Records.

#1. Jamo Records will no longer be a music news source. I don’t the time or the manpower to put out content on a regular basis and it’s really not bringing any value to my site. I hope to pick that up again someday when I have a staff working with me, but for now, it’s just me and I can’t keep up with it. Some of you probably remember when I attempted to recruit a couple of music news authors to help me write content. But it was then that I started thinking along these lines of focusing on the music, not the news. So that’s the new plan. No more news, but more music will be on the way and regularly being added to the catalog.

#2. This is a big one. I’ve made the decision to give away any of my music that I post here on Jamo Records. I will have exclusive music here that you will not find anywhere else and it will be free to download. You won’t have to go through any pesky checkout, you just need to register with Jamo Records 1 time, then you’ll see a big DOWNLOAD button on every product’s page.

This dramatically changes the vision I had for the original Jamo Records, but you know what, things change and we have to adapt to those changes. I’m actually excited to be excited about writing music again. I had stopped writing for almost 6 years now. I just spread myself too thin and you know it’s hard to pursue a passion of yours if you’re already spreading yourself to thin. No more. My vision is clear again and writing music and distributing it anyway I can is my primary goal now.

I hope you’ll stick around Jamo Records as we implement these changes. Jamo Records at the heart of it is still a record label. I’m always on the hunt for that special artist to sign and give that person everything I got to make them successful. That’s where I ultimately want to be in my life is at a position where I can give more and consume less. I’ll end with this, it sometimes takes a catastrophe to open your eyes to reality. Don’t be fearful of making big changes in your life. Now is the time to do some soul searching and make sure you’re on the right path for your life. I hope you are and will continue to stay on it. Spreading yourself thin isn’t worth the stress, money or lost sleep that inevitably comes with that lifestyle. COVID 19 opened my eyes and slowed my butt down a few notches. This is exactly what I needed.

I trust that each one of you reading this is safe and secure in your homes and feeling healthy!

Thanks for reading to the end and as always, I appreciate your support and love!

Peace out! 🙂

Jamie Richards

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