Who is Jamo Records?

Jamo Records started out as an audio production house that focused on writing and producing music for other artists. We still do that, but now it’s also become a free online audio track library with a few products that cost. The cool part is that we are licensed so you can repurpose those tracks that you download however you choose. (Make sure you read How Our Licensing Works.).

Jamo Records loves Music News!

We’ve really developed a love for music news. General news, artist news, albums reviews, anything related to music. News has become such a big passion for us that we post 2-3 times a week. We follow several sources and post those articles and we also write our original posts and featured stories. Not to mention, we send out a monthly music newsletter. We just love thinking about music and researching the music news industry is a great way to get to know the industry anyway.

What’s the future for Jamo Records

The future for us is a definite bright one. We are growing on and our audience size is also growing. We’ve added more tracks to our shop and have a goal to have 1000 more tracks added by the end of 2020. The only way we can do that is to have more artists who want to sell their music online. We’ve also brought on two more authors: Zak Paukner and David Huckabee. So we’re really excited to see what they’ll contribute.

How can you be apart of the Jamo Records Tribe

First off, register with our news list and our website. There’s a form at the bottom of every page in the footer. Takes 30 seconds to do it. Secondly, please spread the love and let your artists, producers, and songwriters that you know about Jamo Records. The best way to do that is to have them email [email protected] and just mention what they do and some basic info about them. We’ll be in contact quickly because this is a big push for us right now. Other than that, all we ask is that you give you firstborn over to the goddess…just joking. If you even read this far, that’s amazing!

Music News Authors

Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards

Owner, Producer

I have been in music since I was three years old, which is when I started playing the piano by ear. By age 11, I was writing music. As I got older I picked up other instruments and at around 16 my passion for sequencing music on the computer came to fruition. I’ve been in countless bands and written over 80+ songs and countless instrumentals in different genres. A lot of my music is featured on this website and you can listen to it all before you buy it. I would love to hear your feedback. In the last year or so I’ve found a love for music news and that’s why it’s such a big value here at Jamo Records. That keeps me on my toes as far as knowing what’s going on in the industry. Outside of music, I enjoy computers and building websites. And the most important thing to me is definitely my family. I’m a very proud father of three: Zeke, Drew, and Scarlett, and a PawPaw to one grandson: Eli. If you would like to get in touch with me, either reach out via my social media profiles below or email me at [email protected].

Zak Paukner

Zak Paukner

Author, Music Enhusiast

Hey everyone I am a new member to the JAMO Records Crew, I am going to be doing some blogging for you all! I want everyone to know that everything I post is my opinion. I respect the opinions of everyone here, so please feel free to give me a little insight! I am a 22 year old guy from a really small town in central Texas. I was born in the Fort Worth area, moved around for a while, but stayed in Arlington for a lot of my childhood. First through fifth grade I was living in Arlington; moved to Crowley for a year, then finally ended up living in Joshua, Texas. I lived there through my teenage years and up until I was 18. I went to Tarleton State University where I was majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. Went for three years before I left. The college scene just was not the thing for me. I currently live in the Dallas area where I work for a Market Research Firm as a Recruiter. I have high hopes for what life throws my way, I hope to make a positive impact on my peers that I am surrounded by. You guys will be seeing a lot of me, so please enjoy!

David Huckabee

David Huckabee


David Huckabee is an educator that has immersed himself in all kinds of music, even from an early age. David has been involved in multiple music projects, most recently singing with Belle and Sebastian on stage during their set in 2015. David also has been involved in numerous musical theatre projects all over the state of Texas and has felt most alive being a performer. Nowadays, David spends most of his time with his little girl and his wife in their home in Garland. But that does not mean that music isn’t at the forefront of their life!

Are you looking to promote and sell your music?

We are currently looking for more artists, songwriters, and producers to join the Jamo Records tribe. We want you to sell your music on our site. We give you 85% of the sales back! When you join the Jamo Records team we also feature you on our homepage for 30 days, advertising all of your music, your bio, videos, whatever they you to promote your brand free of charge. Also, whenever we advertise, you get all the benefits of that. There’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re interested fill out the form and we’ll get right back with you.

Do you know of an artist or musician?

If you know of someone that writes music or plays and instrument, or maybe there a band. If you think that they might be interested in joining the tribe, please reach out using this contact form and we will definitely get back soon.

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