Jamo Records started out as an audio production house that focused on writing and producing music for other artists as well as the owner’s music, Jamie Richards. We still do that, but now we’ve grown into an audio file marketplace (launching 3/1/2020) where other artists can sell their products. All of our audio files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) so you can repurpose, remix, cut ’em up, or do whatever you want to do with them for your own projects. You just have to give proper credit to the author. Please read How Our Licensing Works for more info on how you can use our audio files in your own projects.

Jamo Records loves Music News!

We’ve really developed a love for music news over the years of running this website. General music news, artist news, albums reviews, anything related to music. News has become such a big passion for us that we post 2-3 times a week. We follow several sources and post those articles and we also write our original posts and featured stories. Not to mention, we send out a Music Industry Newsletter once every other month packed with news. Click here to see our newsletters page. We just love thinking about music and researching the industry because it’s a great way to stay relevant.

What’s the future for Jamo Records

The future for Jamo Records is definitely a bright one. We’re growing and our audience size is growing as well. We’ve added more tracks to our shop in the last month and have a goal to have 1000 more tracks added by the Summer of 2020. The only way we can do that is to have more artists who want to sell their music online in our Music Shop Marketplace. We’ve also brought on two more authors: Zak Paukner and David Huckabee. We’re very excited to see what they’ll contribute.

How can you be apart of the Jamo Records Tribe

First off, register with our website and click on the box “Subscribe to Music News”. There’s also an opt-in form in the footer of every page. Takes 30 seconds to do subscribe. Secondly, please spread the love and let artists, producers, and songwriters know about Jamo Records Music Marketplace We’ve created a special page for vendors to pre-register for our March 1st, 2020 launch!!. We’re also looking for more authors to contribute to our Music News Blog. If you’re interested, please let us know by emailing [email protected]


When the timer hits zero, we launch!








Click here to find out more about The Music Shop audio file marketplace.

Jamo Records is looking for you to put your product in our marketplace and we’ll pay you 90% commission! Launch date is 3/1/2020 but back door access for vendors is 1/15/2020. There are many perks to becoming a vendor. Not to mention it’s completely FREE! But we just want to know if you’re interested at all. If you are, click on the big red button!


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