8 Up And Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – #4 – Mulatto

8 Up And Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – #4 – Mulatto

Alyssa Michelle Stephens (born December 22, 1998), known professionally as Mulatto, is an American rapper. She is known for being the inaugural winner of the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game.

Early Life

Stephens was born in Ohio on December 22, 1998 to Misti Pitts and Shayne Stephens. She was raised in Clayton County, on the south side of Atlanta, where she attended Lovejoy High School. She discontinued her education to focus on her music career. Prior to doing music, she participated in drag racing. Stephens started rapping and writing her own raps at the age of ten. Identifying as biracial because of her black father and white mother, she adopted the stage name Miss Mulatto.

Professional Career

In 2016, she became a contestant on the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah. The bcamp-style series followed young aspiring rappers in a competition against one another over a span of 8 weeks. Mulatto was the overall winner of the competition. She was offered a recording contract from Dupri with So So Def Records but ultimately turned down the deal claiming it wasn’t enough money, opting to be an independent artist.

Stephens released her first single, “No More Talking,” in February 2016. She collaborated with Lil Niqo, a fellow competitor from The Rap Game, on the 2016 single “Tough on the Internet.” She also won the Youth Hip Hop/R&B Award at the 2016 Georgia Music Awards. She released her first mixtape, “Latto Let Em Know,” in April 2017. The tape featured artists like Molly Brazy, Lil Key, Crucial, and Silento. Other notable singles include “Check Me Out” and “Response Diss.” The latter was a diss song directed toward Young Lyric, a fellow competitor from The Rap Game. The ongoing feud between the two resulted in diss tracks from both parties with insults about drug use, homosexuality, and past experiences from the show. She’s worked with other artists like 2 Chainz, Future, Janelle Monáe, and Jacob Latimore. Stephens closed out 2017 with an EP, “Time and Pressure.” The project had 6 tracks and included the single “Hurt” with Bandit Gang Marco.

In 2018, Stephens changed her stage name to the mononym, Mulatto. She received praise for her single “B***h From Da Souf,” released in January 2019. In May 2019, she was invited to perform at Rolling Loud, an annual rap/hip-hop music festival in Miami, Florida.

In June 2019, she released her EP entitled “Big Latto”. “Big Latto” was a huge hit!

Her Music

Mulatto’s music is produced very well and her style of rapping is definitely her own. I can guarantee she will give Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot a run for their money!!

Let me forewarn you before we venture into Mulatto’s world of music and videos. Her lyrics and videos are very very explicit. I’m not a huge fan of explicit lyrics, but let’s face it, it’s part of the hip hop culture and “what’s in”. However, her subject matter is not always boys, money, and cars. She does have some depth in her lyrics for sure.

Here are a couple of her videos:

“Response Diss” video (Produced by Blakkbeats)

“South Beach Freestyle” video (Produced by Spaghetti j)

Here’s her music on Spotify:

Mulatto’s social media profiles:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/missmulatto247
Twitter: https://twitter.com/missmulatto247
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mulatto/

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8 Up And Coming Hip Hop Artists – #3 Rexx Life Raj

8 Up And Coming Hip Hop Artists – #3 Rexx Life Raj


Well, I missed my Wednesday post for this series but I hope this one makes up for it. We’re checking out Rexx Life Rajj a rapper from Cali. His music is awesome and his videos are good too. (Check out Rexx’s YouTube channel) This rapper doesn’t raps about family, life, and love. He’s a dedicated father and loves his family above his career, according to those that are around him. This Hip Hop artist is definitely on FIRE!

Artist #3: Rexx Life Raj

Faraji Wright (born January 30, 1990 [2] ) is better known by Rexx Life Raj. He is an American hip hop recording artist from Berkeley, California. He has been performing since 2014.

Early Years

Wright has always had a love for music. His mother was very active in the church and fostered that love through gospel music, while he learned a strong work ethic and black pride from his father who was active in the black panther party. [7] At age six, he grew more interested in rap music, but his parents urged him to focus on athletics and academics. was a standout offensive lineman in high school. On January 10, 2008, he committed to Boise State University on a football scholarship.

College Years

This self-proclaimed “Berkeley superhero” has a lot going for him than just having a good time. The former offensive lineman has already written several songs about family and love, and also found the time to update “Sprinkle Me” with E-Fizzle himself. With all that behind him, the chance of Raj following in the footsteps of his beloved Golden State Warriors and creating an empire of his own seems pretty likely indeed.

Professional Years

Admitting that he never aspired to go to the NLF, [7] Wright chose to pursue music rather than a career as a professional athlete. While he was working on new music, Wright paid bills by working as a delivery driver for his parents’ delivery company.

Raj Life Rexx Now

He still works for his parents when he can. But now, when he’s home from tour — or from press runs in New York — he helps out his parents for free.

“Luckily, now I’m in a position where music pays me enough where I don’t have to have them pay me,” Wright said. “I can work just for working, save them money for whatever they need.”

Few Facts about Raj

BIRTHDAY: January 30, 1990
HOMETOWN: Berkeley, California
HIGH SCHOOL: Berkeley High School, CA
COLLEGE: Boise State University

Raj’s Releases

  • Father Figure 2: Flourish
  • Father Figure


  • Put On (2014)
  • Moxie Java (with Nef the Pharoah) (2016)
  • Shit n’ Floss (2016)
  • Handheld GPS (2016)
  • Devin’s Song (2017)
  • Waiting for You (with Russ) (2017)
  • Radio (2017)


  • Hidden Clouds (2014)
  • Portraits (with Tele Fresco) (2014)
  • Rexx Life Raj & Kyral Musik – Dreamland: Telegraph Ave.
    The Escape (2015)
  • Emoji Goats (with YMTK) (2017)

Rexx’s Websites & Social Media

His website: https://www.rexxliferaj.com/
Spotify Channel: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rDXcEIODl8TgGTgrntnjX
Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/rexxliferaj/sets
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSzPYptsAM_0E3npbWWW5Q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RexxLifeRaj/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RexxLifeRaj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rexxliferaj


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What Streaming Music Services Do You Use And What’s On Your Playlists?

What Streaming Music Services Do You Use And What’s On Your Playlists?

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

What service do you use?

No matter what music streaming service you use all of us has a favorite playlist or playlists. Whether you use Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon Music, or Google Play Music, you always come across new music that you love and you find artists you really like. Personally, I use Spotify and Apple Music. Typically my Spotify lists include explicit lyrics and my Apple Music lists do not (that way I can play it at work. LOL). Discovering new music is such an awesome adventure. New music gets me so inspired! The classics are always good and always will be. But in my opinion, it’s the new music that keeps the industry fresh and relevant.

What are the best streaming music services?

So you’re wondering, what’s’ the best streaming music service? There are so many services now it’s hard to know. What music streaming service(s) do you use? (Put your answer in the comments) PC Magazine has a great article titled “The Best Online Music Streaming Services for 2019.” In the article, they have a list of streaming music services that’s very helpful in determining the best choice. Here’s a snapshot of the table:


From the PC Magazine article “The Best Online Music Streaming Services for 2019”. bit.ly/2WKZzwC

What’s on your playlists?

Comment below and let us know what’s on your playlist. List the artist and song if you would what way others can easily find it. Also, remember to list your preferred music streaming service. Here’s my current Spotify liked songs list:

Happy Listening!

Check Out Our New Website

Check Out Our New Website

We’re Excited!!

We are so excited to announce and reveal to you our new website! We have so many new things to announce with it as well. I hope you’ll take a minute to check everything out.

A Whole New Look

We completely re-branded Jamo Records’ look and feel. We kept our favorite color, purple, but added a rich golden yellow color to it as well. Created a new logo and all of our social media graphics with the new look. Plus, our font-face is perfect for our new look. The overall style of our new website would definitely be modern.

New Community

We’ve added a community section. Each has their own public profile where they can upload a wallpaper and profile pic, just like on social media. Plus, there’s a user directory where you can see all the people and their profiles. It also keeps track of what posts you’ve written (that only applies to our authors), and what comments you’ve made on anything on the site. To enjoy these features all you have to do is register with us and you’re good to go. Plus by registering you’re able to download all of our FREE files with ease, and you’ll be added to our music news blog list.

More Audio Tracks

We’ve added about 30 more audio tracks a 1 full album. Our goal is to have over 1000 tracks in 4-6 months and by the end of 2020, over 2000! We want to be your one-stop-shop for your audio file needs.

A Totally Responsive Design

Our website has been designed to be COMPLETELY responsive. Meaning that it looks great on any device. Go ahead, try it out. If you’re not already on your phone, pick it up, open a browser and go to jamorecords.com. It’s awesome!

8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #2

8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #2

A slick-tongued Oakland rhymer with an incredible eye for detail and a wicked sense of humor, ALLBLACK made major moves over the last 12 months. He dropped Outcalls, which featured a who’s who of rising West Coast rappers, as well as 2 Minute Drills, a roller-coaster ride of an EP with Kenny Beats. Throughout the latter EP, BLACK rides bass-heavy, uptempo instrumentals from one of 2018’s biggest producers and offers a look at life in Oakland that’s so visceral, you feel like you’re prowling the streets right next to him. His flows are always fresh and engaging, and he also happens to be a slang connoisseur, carrying on the Bay’s history of shaping the rap lexicon—Grant Rindner

ALLBLACK raps about the ins and outs of “pimping,” i.e. sex pandering [procuring another person for the purpose of prostitution], often naming the names and streets that his hustle revolves around. “At 15 was on the blade, should’ve been up in class / I’m a scum son of a bitch, trade pussy for cash,” he raps on “Canadian Goose.” The song, KimSon’s biggest single, features 808 cowbells and a booming beat that conjure the muscle memory of hyphy. Though the project pushed his music career forward, he isn’t eager to praise it. “KimSon was not cool to me,” he told me, speaking softly enough for me to catch the clink of his gold grills. “That was probably the deepest part of my diary to me. It wasn’t okay. You listen to the songs, and you didn’t know me, you’d be like, ‘Ooh, he about to go kill himself. Who let him in the studio?’” He has a point. Though the EP features an array of sonic touchpoints, stretching from boastful West Coast thumps to an unhurried Southern pace, his confessional lyrics are markedly paranoid and remorseful.


In an interview with thefader.com, the interviewer said, “In an interview about KimSon, you said your mom is different and you’re different. What do you mean by that?”

To me, different is a sugar-coated word for weird to the world. I was always called weird. “He’s weird,” “Why he act like that?” “Why he move like that?” “Why is his favorite color yellow? Men don’t like yellow.” Things like that. I had big brothers and cousins but I was always my own man. I always stood out, but I never understood it. So when my family see me do things, they’d think I was just being funny. Or me being D. Dusty being Dusty.

Quick Facts and Info on ALLBLACK:

(taken from edailybuzz.com)

Birth Day21st March, 1992
Age27 years
Birth SignAries
CountryUnited States of America
AddressOakland, California
Marital StatusNot married
Social MediaTwitter, IG
HeightUnder Review
Real NameNot known
Net Worth90 K

Listen to some of ALLBLACK’S music:

Article Sources:

8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #1

8 Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists On Fire – Artist #1

Hey, all you Hip Hop fans! I decided to do a series of posts on the 8 up and coming Hip Hop artists that are new but making a scene. I plan on writing one each Wednesday night until the series is done. It’s really cool because I’m learning a lot about hip hop in researching these artists. Not to mention, I’ve added a lot of new music to my Spotify playlist! That’s a HUGE bonus. I’m always looking for new music. So if you’re always looking for new music too, then this series is just for you. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.

#1 Hip Hop Artist On Fire – Zyon Iman

Our first “Up and Coming Artist On Fire” is Zyon Iman. What a great name! Easy to remember, short, and cool. He’s got a lot more going for him than just his name though. His music is awesome, in my opinion, and I can easily hear him on some radio playlists.

Iman is from Arlington, TX, but was born and raised in Milwaukee. He is relatively unknown among the scene within Deep Ellum as well as the local media. But still, the baby-faced 21-year-old emcee has the ability to create fans and has enough depth to earn the respect of hip-hop lovers of any age. He has new music and visuals on the way early this year, which will only increase his name recognition.

Iman’s music is catchy and easy to listen to. He’s definitely building a big following because of that. He’s all over the Internet. At least his music is, which is the most important factor for any up and coming artist in the industry.

Again, if you like hip hop music, I highly recommend you diving into Zyon’s material. Give him a chance because he’ll grow on you. I really like the song Ascension.  The video for it is really very well done. Below you’ll find links to this video, music and social media profiles.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a new artist to keep your eyes on, watch closely. Because Zyon Iman is on FIRE!!

Iman’s Video and Music

Ascension video: https://youtu.be/_qBFnclD880


Iman’s Social Media profiles:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first post. I’m excited to learn about new music as well. As I wrote early, Zyon Iman’s definitely landed on my Spotify list!

Watch out for more posts from the series, “8 Up And Coming Artists On Fire” each Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and CHEERS!

Article Sources:
Dallas Observer –  https://www.dallasobserver.com
Facebook – https://facebook.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

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