What is The Music Marketplace?

The Music Marketplace is a collection of digital audio file & music webshops where you as an artist, producer, band, or music enthusiast, can sell your digital products on our website. These are the types of products that you would have in your shop: music in all genres like original music, full songs, full albums, audio samples, audio tracks, audio beats, lyrics or voice, and sound FX. You set your price, and if you so choose, your sale price, for each of your products. You provide the graphic for your products (or we have services that can design that for you). This is not a physical goods marketplace that means no merch or actual CDs of your music can be sold. Also, shipping isn’t even factored since ever product is delivered digitally.

Vendor Details & Benefits

As an audio file vendor, we pay you 85% of your sales. You heard us correctly, we said 85% of your sales which means we only keep 15% for administrative fees and overhead. You also have 24/7/365 access to your webshop and all transactions run through are a totally secure web servers. Our web server runs on a secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. So there should be no concern as far as our security for your transactions. Another vendor perk is that it’s free to join and 100% risk-free as well. You can close your webshop at any time and your products will be removed from our shop as well.

We think that joining the Marketplace is kind of a no-brainer because even if you’re music is already online, what can it hurt to have it on several websites? Especially with 85% commissions!

Below is a screenshot of a sample webshop on our platform.

In your webshop, not only will your products be listed, but they’ll also be listed in Jamo Records Music Shop. Not to mention, advertising. Whatever advertising Jamo Records does, you benefit from as well because traffic to our website means more potential traffic to your webshop.

Here’s a live link of that same store in the screenshot above so you can see it live:




Your Marketplace Features 

As a vendor you can do these tasks in your marketplace webshop:


  • You can configure your webshop. (Add logo, shop description, banner image, store location, social media links)
  • You can export order details (all of your products’ orders / for a particular product) in CSV format.
  • You can add/edit products.
  • You can add comments to your orders.
  • You get instant notifications for new orders.
  • You can withdraw to PayPal (COMING SOON: Direct Bank Transfer)
  • You can see your back-end reports
  • You can set up a payment account in the vendor dashboard.
  • You can change your Store Slug.
  • You can now hide email, phone, address from the profile and shop settings page.
  • You can clone another vendor product
  • And much more!

The Vendor Dashboard

Our vendor dashboard for The Marketplace is really awesome!. It’s like a whole other platform on-top of Jamo Records, which is exactly what we wanted and had in mind from the beginning. We wanted our vendors to feel like it was there website and products, not ours. They have full control over their webshops, which allows them to choose their own branding which is great. The dashboard has everything you would need to manage your own digital audio store including your own list of customers, payments, reports, and customizations like customer messages, social media links, etc.

Below is a screenshot of the Vendor Dashboard:

So what do you think? Sound interesting?

Here’s an opportunity to sell your music online and get 85% of your sales of that music. Plus, you’re not getting charged a penny for registering. If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and reserve your spot below.


If you prefer you can register via our Early Bird Registration page.


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