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Who is A Vox Blu?

A Vox Blu is Jamie Richards and Jimmy Blundred. We thought it would be cool to have new stage names so Jimmy was known as Jimmy Briff and I was Jamie Rich. (I still have no idea why we changed our names. We didn’t even put our real names on the album credits, LOL. Both Jimmy and I wrote these songs over a period of about 4 months. It was our only release, but we still want to do some remixes of them eventually. The music style of A Vox Blu could be compared to bands such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, and New Order. All of the songs of “The Answer” were written in 1989-1990 because that was the style of music that was really HOT back then and let’s face it, it’s still relevant today. In fact, there’s a huge trend right now on 80’s dance music. Check out this article by U Discover Music that discusses how relevant 80’s music is still today: “Don’t You Forget About Me: Why 80s Music Is Cooler Than You Think“.

More About A Vox Blu

A Vox Blu was a pop-synth duo through and through that had the pleasure of playing several shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. We played at clubs, venues, parties, basically wherever anybody would let us play. I remember a gig one time where we played at Harry’s Hotrod Shop in Grand Prairie, TX outside on a platform. It was hot and sticky (typical Texas summers) but we stuck it out and finished the gig. I think 10 people showed up, and that included Mom and Dad. LOL. We had the pleasure of recording our album in one of the best studios in Texas (in my opinion). The engineer that produced our album was Keith Rust, again, one of the very best! We spent probably 20-25 hours in the studio cutting the entire album. Overall we were very happy with the results, but as I said above, we sure would like to remix the entire album.

How To Reach A Vox Blu

If you’d like to reach out to A Vox Blu, here’s Jamie and Jimmy’s Facebook profiles:

Jamie’s :

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  1. misterman

    This is a great album! I remember when it first came out. I bought the cassette. CDs weren’t even a thing back then! LOL. Now that it’s remastered digitally, I want it! Thanks for posting!

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