Out Of Control



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This heavy-footed dance/house/electronic track will keep you dancing all night long. It features a slamming swooping bass and killer sound effects.

About The Author: Sashca Ende

Ende learned the keyboard as a child at his parents’ house in Hanover, where he only had a keyboard teacher for a short time, as he did not want to submit to his discipline regarding the basic rules for a keyboard player. Already at the age of 7, he began to develop his own melodies and compositions. After a long break, during which Sascha Ende devoted himself to the production of music videos and films, Sascha Ende continued his musical career in 2010.

Sascha Ende has been married since 2015 and has a daughter from a previous marriage.

If you want to use this music or audio files in your own projects you must give proper credit. The credits should read like this:

Music from https://filmmusic.io | “Out Of Control” by Sascha Ende (https://www.sascha-ende.de) | License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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