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Question of Truth – Jamie Richards

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This is an album that Jamie Richards released in 1993. He and his father, Greg Richards, wrote all the material on it. His Dad helped with the lyrics and Jamie wrote all the music, played all the instruments and did all the vocals. It was recorded and mastered at Crystal Clear Sound Studio in Irving, TX. Keith Rust was our engineer and Jamie produced the album. The album took about 3 months to write and another 2 months to program all the music. Then we spent about 30 hours in the studio cutting tracks and vocals.

About the album: The album was released in 1993 but was remastered in 2010. Some of the songs were remixed as well. The genre of the album is Pop/Top 40/Dance. At the time it was written and produced the music was on-point. And now, the tide has turned back around to this style of music. The 80s and 90s dance craze.  So check out Jamie’s Question of Truth and support him by purchasing this album. He will appreciate it!

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About The Author:

Jamie Richards is a producer, songwriter, and musician that plays multiple instruments. He’s been in music since he was three years old. He started out playing the piano by ear then by 11 was writing his own music. Jamie has been involved in several projects over his professional career. Now he works from home creating new songs, digital audio files and managing his website,

If you want to use this music or audio files in your own projects you must give proper credit. The credits should read like this:

Artist Credits: Jamie Richards, for Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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