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What does Jamo Records Support?

What support services does Jamo Records handle in The Music Shop Marketplace?

As platform providers we will offer you several services complimentary and one of those service is basic technical support. Basic support covers such things as: 

Website transaction issues
– I made a purchase but never received email
– I made a purchase but never received a download link
– I can’t find the email with my order info in it
– I tried to login but my account is locked
– Can you help me reset my password?

General website Issues
– How do I reset my account password?
– How long does the download link last in my email?
– Where can I access my previous orders?
– Can I save my credit card to keep it on file?
– I can’t login with my account and password?

Credit Card Transaction issues
– I had a problem submitting my order
– My credit card received an error when checking out
– I submitted my order but never got an email confirmation
– My credit card was denied but I know I have room on my card

Extended support services will be offered in our Membership Packages with support options such as 24/7 chat support, ticketing system with automated responses and 2-hour priority support on a case by case basis.

We’ve partnered with Jamo Records Music Services to start developing new membership Premium Packages. Please stay tuned for what all will come with those services. Basically they are servicedesigned to establish you as an artist, producer or band. Services like: website design & hosting, professional branding. social media management and marketing, digital marketing and advertising, and more. We promise you these services will be VERY affordable and packed with features!

If you’re interested in becoming an audio file/music vendor for The Music Shop and want to reserve your spot, now’s the time to act. We’ve only got 150 vendor seats available before phase 2 (which doesn’t happen until October of 2020). So perhaps you should click on the link below, sign-up and while you’re there, check out some of the benefits you get as an vendor:

Early Bird Registration Page

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